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BOBOVR S3 Pro Super Strap

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₫ 2,690,000.00
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₫ 2,690,000.00
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₫ 2,990,000.00
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  • S3 Pro is compatible with Meta Quest 3, and uses B100 battery
  • 10000mAh battery with 20W fast charging
  • 100-level adjustable head air conditioning
  • Adjustable height overhead bracket
  • Compatible with Meta Quest 3:Still using BOBOVR’s innovative power swap design, the new battery architecture separates the discharge module from the battery pack, reducing battery pack heat. It also improves the discharge efficiency by 6% compared to the old model, and adds low-battery sound reminders and accurate battery levels. Check;

  • Brand new B100 battery system: Compared with B2, while the volume remains unchanged, the capacity is increased from 5200mah to 10000mah, the battery capacity is increased by 92%, and the weight is only increased by 28%. Thanks to the higher output efficiency, the available capacity is B2 2 times;

  • S3 Pro has a built-in head air-conditioning system, which uses silent technology to keep the head and face cool and comfortable even when Quest3 is worn for a long time, and supports 100-level flexible wind speed adjustment;

  • The structure of the back of the head is optimized, and the structure of the back of the head is flatter, allowing you to lie down more comfortably on the sofa (making you sleep more comfortable if you fall asleep). The height of the overhead auxiliary bracket is adjustable and supports personalized removal!


Q: How do I turn on the fan on the S3 Pro? How do I adjust the speed?

Just press the roller to turn on the fan, then move the roller up and down to adjust the wind speed from 0 to 100, and press it again to turn off the fan

Q: Is the fan running noisy?

We have made a lot of silent optimizations for the fan, but when the wind speed exceeds 50%, a slight wind noise can still be heard, which most users cannot perceive during the game.

Q: What is the difference between B100 battery and B2 battery?

B100 is the second-generation battery platform launched by BOBOVR. Compared with B2, it has larger capacity and power, and has more expansion scenarios (due to different interfaces of B100 and B2, they cannot be mixed)

Q: Do I need to buy multiple B100 battery packs? Do I need an additional charging station?

A single B100 battery can provide 3-4 hours of additional battery life. If you are a light user, a single battery is enough. If you use Quest3 for more than 5 hours a day, you can try to buy additional battery packs and fast charging station BD3