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₫ 990,000.00
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₫ 1,190,000.00
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Hotline : 0932-141-019

Power Play: Power up your gaming sessions and streaming while using XREAL AR glasses. Charge and play, so that your gaming adventures are never cut short by a drained battery again.

45W Fast Charging: Deliver high-speed 45W charging for Steam Deck or iPhone 15, and other devices, all while using your XREAL AR glasses.

120Hz Silky Smooth Visuals: Supports up to a 120Hz passthrough with lossless image quality. Enjoy vivid colors and crystal clear display, and get ready to game like never before.

Device protection: Smart software prevents over-voltage damage. Continue playing even when the power is unplugged. Note: Nintendo Switch needs to stay connected to power when playing.

  • Compatibility:

Source Device
Gaming Device
Switch, Switch OLED
Steam Deck, SteamDeck OLED
ROG Ally
iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max
Samsung S22/23

  • Display Device

XREAL Air, Air 2, Air 2 Pro Air 2 Ultra
*iPhone 14 and earlier models with Lightning ports are not compatible