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PlayStation 5 SLIM - Standard -CFI-2000A01

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₫ 11,990,000.00
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₫ 11,990,000.00
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₫ 12,990,000.00
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    Product features

    This is a new model PS5 (model group - slim) that has been made smaller while retaining the technology and functions that make the PlayStation5 gaming experience possible.

    The Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive is now removable, and the built-in SSD storage is 1TB.

    [PlayStation5 Description]

    Play Has No Limits The PS5, which goes beyond the limits of play

    , unleashes new game possibilities. Ultra-high-speed SSD dramatically improves loading speed.

    A deep sense of immersion created by haptic technology, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio technology. And experience a new generation of PlayStation titles full of surprises.

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