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  • "Beyond the Boundaries of Reality and Virtual" The 4K+ screen and 105° ultra-wide field of view allow you to experience unprecedented immersion experience. PICO 4 brings you the best VR experience
  • Lightweight & Comfortable Wear: The pancake lens is used to evenly distribute the weight back and forth. The front of the PICO 4 is 38.8% thinner than the previous aircraft, and it is 26.2% lighter. Comfortable for extended use
  • Endless fun with the PICO 4! You can choose from about 340 different VR games. You can enjoy all genres of games like RPG, shooting, action, casual, puzzle, etc. Plus, with Steam, you can enjoy over 6000 games
  • 3D VR movies like Hollywood movies and Spider-Man "Get one step closer to the world while staying at home. Enjoy a VR live idle experience or a VR concert with Vtuber and (G) I-DLE
  • Can be used with glasses alone. With 62-72mm adjustable pupillary distance, 6-DoF space positioning and the latest HyperSense vibration controller, it provides a truly immersive VR experience